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    Just when I started to like Intel motherboards...


      I had a Intel motherboard in my previous computer and it was quite crap. So I wasn' t to keen on getting another one when I got my new PC, but since I wanted a sandy bridge cpu and I didn't have a lot of options I went for the DP67BG (Also it got good reviews so I thought it was okay).


      I was really impressed with it at first. A lot of neat features, looks quite cool, and works well. That was until I got my new Xonar D1 sound card yesterday. Plugged it into my PCI slot and it started giving issues. On two of the sample rates, the sound was REALLY slow and distored, and on the other two, the sound worked, but the channels got mixed up. The channels were basically random. Sometimes front left would play on front left, other times it would play on the sub, or the rear surround. So first I thought the sound card must be broken or something.


      Today I tested the sound card on another PC and everything worked perfectly. So I though there must be some sort of software conflict or something on my pc. After messing around for the whole afternoon, I decided as a last resort I'm going to format my PC. So format complete, and same result. That left only one thing. Motherboard. After googling a bit, I found out that there are issues with the DP67BG's PCI slots and other people are having trouble with them as well. Especially with sound cards.


      So basically I can't do anything with my new expensive sound card except maybe try to get it exchanged for one that works with PCI-e, sell it, or throw it in the trash... Thanks Intel! 5 thumbs up for you guys!

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          Just curious but why would you add a sound card when the board already has 7.1 + 2 HD audio built in? Did you disable it before adding the card?

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            At first I thought a 7.1 sound card was a 7.1 sound card and that's it. So about a week ago I bought a Roccat Kave headset and everyone on the internet suggested that you should buy a offboard sound card to get the full experience. At first I was a bit skeptical, but after so many people suggested it I bought the Xonar D1. I have to tell you, the difference is day and night. It's like comparing a Hi-Fi to a cellphone speaker. I couldn't believe the difference it made. It's awesome!


            Yeah, disabled the Realtek one in my BIOS, formatted with the Realtek one disabled and after the format I installed Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and the Xonar driver. Didn't even have my graphics card driver installed at that point, and I got exactly the same result. I've basically tried everything and eliminated all the software variables. Only thing left is hardware. And since the sound card works on other PC's, it has to be my PC. And I read that the P67 and H67 mobos have issues with PCI slots since they don't natively support PCI, they just kinda convert it from PCI-e, from what I can understand. A few people, even on this forum, have said their PCI slots don't work either. So it's kinda obvious that that is the cause.