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    A few questions on 320 G3 SSD Drive


      Hello Everyone,


      I was recently given this drive as a gift to replace a recently crashed ide harddrive. I wasn't planning on upgrading anything else about my computer at this time, which is an AMD Athlon 64 and I'm running Windows XP Pro. I did some research beforehand and slipstreamed SP3 on my install disk and did my installation which went off without a hitch. I now have some concerns. Just to clarify, it's the 2.5 inch, 80 GB model.


      All the research I've done, points to being unable to have TRIM support. On top of that, after installing the Intel SSD Toolbox, It says that it can not run it's Optimizer on my drive. Further research states that drive performance will inevitably degrade over time without one of these things to, for lack or knowledge of r a better term, clean up the drive.


      I gather if I upgrade to Windows 7, it will just work out of the box  due to it's included TRIM support and it's own AHCI driver. That and  with an Intel CPU, I could use Intels Rapid Storage Tech.


      Are there any other options for me with my current configuration? Must I break down and do some manner of upgrade? Am I worried about nothing possibly?