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    BIOS Update 0817 Crashes DX58SO2


      After installing BIOS 0817 (20110701) on 2 separate boards in 2 separte computers; neither would boot.  Backed down to BIOS 0724 to regain control and reboot.

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          Same results I am getting, THANKS INTEL!!

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            I tried the new BIOS going from 0779 to 0817.  Tried twice to update use the *.exe method, both times it bricked the machines.  System failed to boot and the board gave a 6F error code.  Only way I was able to get the board up again was the push the reset switch on the board.  That would let it boot back into Win7 and it even reported that the BIOS upgrade was successful.  Bounced the machines again, check the BIOS and it was still at 0779.  I have done this a couple of time with not problems, this is the first I have seen this type of problem.  Would like to apply the update as the documentation alludes to minor fixes I could use with power management but after two failed attempt I will wait for the next release.

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              I was finally able to update by using the F7 method (download the OS independent image).  I too am seeking suspend/resume fixes.