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    Intel Motherboard with floppy controller and Floppy Boot BIOS


      I need advice to build an MS DOS 6.22 PC with Intel Motherboard having Floppy Disk Host / Controller and BIOS permitting Floppy Boot priority as also Hard Disk Boot priority and CD-Rom Boot priority.


      Kindly provide the Part No, Data Sheet of the motherboard and details of compatible Intel Processor and Chipset and the compatible type of RAM type of RAM


      Also Pricing Info Indian Rupees, Vendors in India - Chennai - 600102, Tamil Nadu, India.


      I  need this urgently to make immediate purchases.


      Prof.Dr.K.Loga muthu krishnan, MS.,FRCS.,PhD(Neuro).,FRSM(London).

      Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon,

      Chennai -600 102,

      Tamil Nadu, India


      e-mail: logamuthu.krishnan@gmail.com