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    No boot after adding MSI gtx 560 Ti twin frozr to a DP55KG


      Hi All,


      I have a DP55KG Mother board with an I7 860 processor - I purchased the Video Card above the New MSi gtx 560 twin frozr and when i try to place it in the DP55KG I get the Double Beep from the Bios indicating that it cannot find a video card -


      I placed the old ATI 5770 back into the Motherboard and it works fine -


      To verify that the card was good I placed into my sons machine running an MSI board with an I5 2500K Processor and it worked perfect -


      IS this Video Card not compatible wiht the board or the processor since the i7 860 does not support HD Intel Graphics or is it because of something else ?


      Thank you for any Help,