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    sccKit 1.4.1


      If you have your own MCPC/SCC sytem, you can now download sccKit 1.4.1 (with patch 1) from http://marcbug.scc-dc.com/svn/repository/tarballs/

      The file sccKit_1.4.1.1.tar.bz2 contains 1.4.1 with patch 1 applied. Installing this file is equivalent to installing sccKit_1.4.1.tar.bz2 followed by sccKit_1.4.1_patch1.tar.bz2 The sccKit signon message will still say 1.4.1.


      Some systems are experiencing an issue with sccKit 1.4.x and eMAC enabled. Please see http://marcbug.scc-dc.com/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=264 . The problem does not appear if you disable eMAC. There is no need to return to 1.3.0.


      WIth sccKit 1.4.1, you have a modern kernel that runs on the SCC cores.

      rck00:/root # uname -a
      Linux rck00 #5 PREEMPT Wed Jun 8 11:27:14 CEST 2011 i586 GNU/Linux
      rck00:/root #

      With 1.4.0, you had

      root@rck00:~> uname -a
      Linux rck00 2.6.16_unchecked #1 Tue Mar 22 17:22:12 CET 2011 i586 GNU/Linux

      With 1.4.1, you also have an enhanced sccGui. You can set the initial number of POP-SHM pages with the SCC GUI; you can have up to 4GB of shared memory. You can also access additional FPGA registers from SCC Linux.


      If you are using an SCC Data Center system and want sccKit 1.4.1 installed, please file a bug under Marc Administration Needed.