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    Unable to upgrade firmware for SS4000-E storage system


      Hi All,


      I have a SS4000-E storage system currently on firmware v1.3. I want to upgrade to firmware 1.4 so I can put bigger disk in it. Below are the instructions found on the website -


      1. Download the 1.4 firmware file from http://downloadfinder.intel.com (search for
      SS4000-E in the search box).
      2. Extract the files from the downloaded file and save them to your hard drive on your
      laptop, desktop, server, etc.
      3. Backup the data on the SS4000-E to another system.
      4. Shutdown the Intel® Entry Storage System SS4000-E system
      5. Unplug all hard disks installed in the Intel® Entry Storage System SS4000-E system.
      6. Boot up the Intel® Entry Storage System SS4000-E system
      7. Login to the system by browsing the main web page:
      a. http://<Intel Entry Storage System SS4000-E system’s IP Address>/
      b. NOTE: this will display the system initialization screen, not the login screen. DO
      NOT insert the hard drives.
      8. Enter the following url to display the firmware upgrade page:
      a. https://<Intel Entry Storage System SS4000-E system’s IP
      9. Select the v1.4 software package file (fs-bc-v1.4-b709.pkg) to update the flash
      10. After the previous step completes, the system should be rebooted but without the
      disks inserted. After the system completes the boot sequence, the disks can be
      inserted (one at a time while the system is running and wait for the disk LED to
      illuminate) and scanned for (scan for each disk after the LED illuminates) and the
      firmware reinstalled. If the firmware package is installed and the disks are reinserted
      prior to rebooting the system, the system will boot off the drives and not properly



      Basically I am on step 7, and unable to connect back to the SS4000-E, can't ping it either. This is when the four hard drives are remoted.


      When I shutdown and plug it all back in and boot it up, works fine.


      Is there something else I need to be doing??? Please help.