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    Incorrect Techical Product Specifications for DG33FB, Intel willing to give full refund but not a solution.




      Recently I tried to get  Video and Audio to a HDMI TV using HDMI enabled graphics card using an HDMI cable.. Unfortunately I only got Video and no Audio.


      I had read in the TPS that I need to use the HD Audio link header on the mobo to connect it to the graphics card.


      I tried to locate the HD Audio link header, but unfortunately I could not locate it and called up tech support.


      After putting me on hold for half an hour the tech support lady explained me that what I am refering to is the Front panel header.


      After explaing her what exactly the problem was, I was promised a call back from a concerned person the same day.


      I got a call from Tech support guy, who mentioned Intel takes maximum 48 hours to provide a solution and prmoised to get back to me in 2 days.


      It has been almost a month now and I havent recieved any solution.


      Intel thanked me for finding a flaw in their product and bringing to their notice that they have falsely advertised their product, and they them selves never new about it.


      Can you believe it, the product was launched and discontinued and Intel still did not knew that they forgot to install the HD Audio link header which was supposed to be there as per TPS. I wonder how the Mobo passed the stringent quality checks, which are supposed to be followed in the IT industry.


      I dont remeber the product being recalled as well.


      I felt, as if I am the first person in the world to try and get HDMI video audio, from the DG33FB Mobo.


      Intel representative communicted to me that they are willing to give a full refund for my mother board as they dont have a solution for this situation.


      Alternatively they are offering a very old 965 chipset mother board, which I dont want as it is very very old.


      Is it possible to direct the audio from the front panel header to the audio link on the graphics card.


      Any suggestions would be help full.