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    i7-2620M CPU & Graphic Issues - HELP NEEDED.


      Hi, Could one of you Kind Soul & Experts in the Community please help.

      I'll be getting my Asus Pro36SD notebook with an i7-2620M CPU + Nvidia's N12P GV 1G DDR3 VRam + Intel GMA HD Graphic.

      Earlier last week the vendor cheated and given me an Asus U36SD notebook claiming with an i7-2620M CPU (but did an IPIU Diagnostic, LGA1155 socket/packaging was detected instead of PPGA988/FCBGA1023) + Nvidia'w Geforce GT520M 1G DDR3 VRam + Intel HD Graphic 3000, I've returned to them due to screen quality issue.

      Base on your expertise and knowledge, would like to know the following -

      1) Does LGA1155 support i7-2620M CPU or was I given another series CPU

      2) Which is a better GPU, N12P GV or GT520M & what series is N12P GV

      3) Is Intel GMA HD & HD 3000 the same graphic

      Please help to advise.


      U36SD IPIU 04072011.jpg

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          The i7-2620M use sockets FCBGA1023, PPGA988, now if the IPIU shows packets size  1155 could be a wrong configuration on the socket name form the utility as 1155 is the socket type for Intel® Core™ i7 Desktop Processor  2nd generation not for mobile.

          Now certainly I can’t tell you what is the best N12P GV or GT520M as those are third party product, what I can tell you is that both are HD graphics according with the Nvidia* site and for you final question about GMA HD & HD 3000 I can tell you both are HD graphics, but he the Intel graphics 3000 provides more immersive and casual mainstream gaming capabilities and much better for 3D projects.

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            Hi Ricardo,


            The spec for i7-2620M CPU clock speed on Intel website is 2.70GHz and max turbo to 3.40 GHz.


            When I did a IPIU diagnostic today, it Reported CPU speed is only 1.59GHz and Expected speed is only 2.70GHz (see below attached).


            Report System Bus Frequency is only 35 MHz & Expected System Bus Frequency is 100 MHz (see below attached).


            Base on your expertise, am I given a i7-2620M CPU or something else.


            Could you please help and advise...thanks...regards.







            IPIU status 13082011 1518.jpg


            IPIU Report 13082011 1541.jpg

            CPUZ AP36SD 13082011 1552.txt

            CPUZ AP36SD 13082011 1552.rtf

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              One of three things is happening here:

              1) The laptop manufacturer for some reason downgrades the processor speed and bus to match their specifications.

              2) The processor settings on the BIOS set the processor to run a lower speed. Try to boot o the BIOS and set the default settings.

              3) Chances are that the laptop needs some drivers and/or BIOS updates. I highly recommend to check with the laptop manufacturer for further assistance to determine if the processor is defective or determine if there is any other reason for this behavior. 


              Note: If you checked with the laptop manufacturer and determine all is correctly set up and the system is up to date with drivers/BIOS, it could be defective unit. Is very difficult to have bad CPU, but is possible.

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                Hi Ricardo,


                I did a Bios Update and the result is still the same.


                I've attached screen shot of the system for your review and advise.


                If you need further info please drop me a mail miniverckm@hotmail.com






                2nd Pro36SD IPIU 16082011 1249.jpg

                2nd Pro36SD IPIU 16082011 1258.jpg

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                  Indeed, something is holding up the processor to run at full speed or just normal speed, we can see clearly that on the multiple test you already done. My suggestion is try to get any answer for the laptop manufacturer and if there is not a solution, get replacement.

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                    MJC,  The basic reason your processor is not running at it's rated speed when you are checking it is because of the Multiplier.


                    Look at the CPU-Z screens on your last post, on the lower left and find Multiplier, it is set to 10 on the first one, and 8 on the second.


                    The speed of your CPU is determined by the Bus Speed (also called System Bus, or Base Clock) multiplied by the Multiplier.


                    Your Bus Speed is 100MHz (or very close to it, 99.8MHz) and that times the Multiplier gives the CPU speed.  You had a speed of 100MHz X 10 = 1000MHz, or 1.0 GHz (actually, 99.8MHz X 10 = 997.8MHz, or 0.997GHz).


                    To reach the CPU's rated speed of 2.7GHz, the Multiplier must be 27, because 100MHz X 27 = 2700MHz, or 2.7GHz.


                    The question is why is your Multiplier so low.  There are real reasons for it to be that low.  Laptops try to save power, so when the CPU is not doing much work, or has a low load on it, the power saving option reduces the multiplier.  How much the multiplier is reduced depends on several things.  Is the laptop running on battery power only, or plugged into the AC power?  If it is to hot, the multiplier will be reduced to cool it off.  How strict are the power saving settings in the BIOS, or set at the factory, or in Windows?


                    You may be able to change how often and how low the multiplier is changed.  That would be in the BIOS, or in the Windows Power options, changing to the High Performance option.


                    If you are just running CPU-Z on your laptop, and nothing else, it is normal for the CPU's speed to be reduced to save power.  To test what speed the CPU will go to, you must put a heavy load on the CPU.  Find and download the free program Prime95 on the internet. Have the laptop plugged into the AC power.  First run CPU-Z, and then run Prime95 while CPU-Z is running.  CAUTION!!  Do not run Prime95 for more than a minute on your laptop, it will overheat!  You must be careful if you do this!!


                    While Prime95 is running, watch CPU-Z and see what it shows for the CPU frequency.  If it goes to 2.7GHz (mulitplier of 27) then all is fine.  If it doesn't, remember what the multiplier is, and then ask ASUS why they have the CPU limited to that multiplier.


                    Laptops are just not the same as a desktop PC, they trade portability for performance, but if adjusted correctly and plugged into the AC power, laptops can be fast too.