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    i7 2600s - Availability?!


      Hey guys,


      several weeks ago I found a thread in here

      someone looking for an i7 2600s CPU:




      I got the same issue here in Germany;

      looking for this CPU for a long time,

      but no chance to get one of these.


      Just made several calls again,

      just to get known that they are not

      available at all.


      Found one distributor in Austria which offers

      the LGA1155 version of I7 2600s, but only

      as tray version:




      Personal I´m not willed to buy a tray version

      at all due to a possible warranty issue.

      A warranty time of 12 months if far to less

      (just my opinion).


      Any clues in this WHY this CPU is not available??


      (As "boxed-" Version BX80623I72600S it can be

      searched for - but without any results)


      Any ideas when this CPU will be available (again)??


      Anyone seen this CPU, sold as boxed version so far-

      or just tray/OEM version?




      As I searched through the internet I hardly found

      information about this concern.

      It makes me feel wondering ´cause launch date

      was announced for Q1´11...


      Therefore I hope this thread might help to get

      information in order to get around with this mess ...


      Please - I don´t want to start any kind of discussion

      about sense of this CPU - just asking about terms

      of availability, pricing etc...


      Any help will be highly appreciated - so if you can help

      and provide input - please let me know as I think

      there are more people looking for this CPU, too.


      Thanks in advance,


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          I would recommend checking the local Authorized Intel® Distributor for availability, you can find a list of Authorized Intel® Distributors at:


          This processor is available in North America Authorized Intel® Distributors, so if you cannot find it on your location you can still buy it online on North America stores, keep in mind that if you buy a boxed retailed version of the processor, even if you buy it in another geographic location, the processor does still have3 years warranty with Intel.