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    Thermal Questions regarding i7-2600K


      I have an Asus P8Z68 Deluxe motherboard with bios version 0501.  I have a boxed Intel Core i7 Sandy Bridge 2600k retail boxed version, using the retail stocked fan that comes with the product (essentially the low height design that is common with most Intel CPU boxed).  I am using a 650wat Antec Power Trio-power, GeForce 8800GTS 640mb (only to test the system) which uses one 6 pin connector from the power supply.  The 24 pin and 8 pin are hooked up to the MB.  I have 2x4gb Corsair Vengeance 1.5v modules in slots A2 B2 as recommended.  I have two desktop size fans (about 7-8 inch in width across) - so these aren't computer fans, blowing the hot air away from the cpu (as I have the unit on a motherboard tray. 


      Here are my questions.  Running the CPU at the stock of 3.4ghz, with all turbo features turned off, the cpu is running at 64-65C/149-154F and the stock fan is running at 2000rpm.  I have nothing running of course since I am in the bios.  Is that the normal temp for a 2600K Sandy Bridge i7?  From what I read the Intel max temp settings is 72C approx.  Now if I am not even using my computer yet, the minute I try to play a game the system will almost certainly shut down because the cpu will more than likely exceed thermal designs.  So what can be causing the problems?  The fan is mounted properly as underneath the board all 4 fan pegs have the black piece at the same penetration or level as the white pegs or like three 111 under the motherboard.  The memory is not overclocked.  The video card isn't overclocked. This was a fisrt time install for the cpu so there was no residue on the cpu from a previous thermal pasting.  I also installed the fan straight out of the box, once again no previous thermal paste other than the default paste that intel puts on all new fans (since this was a brand new unit/cpu).


      I know the stock fans aren' the best solution.  But is this possible a bad fan, bad heatsinks that came with the fan (assuming 2k rpms is not the fastest rpm it should attain).  I could use your help in this matter.  Thank you in advance for reading this and anytime taken in your response.





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          I have the i7-2600 in an Intel board and the temps and CPU fan run higher when in the BIOS. I think this is normal. I'm guessing because there's no throttling of the CPU. It's probably running at/near clock speed and generating more heat. Also, I noticed that the CPU temps went down as I put more hours on the machine. I'm sure this is the settling of the heat compound. Some need about 25 hours of run time. Also, make sure the fan mounting pins are fully engaged. These pins are what maintain the required pressure on the CPU. It's easy to miss getting the pins to "snap" in place.


          Forgot to mention: The first BIOS update took care of a high speed CPU fan condition on my board too. Check to make sure you have the lastest version for your BIOS.

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            Hi Tim ,

            my 2600k i7 , is running at 52 Celsius , on a Asus P8Z68 Delux , using a BeQuite Dark Rock Pro(b) fan at 680 rpm , and a Gainward 560Ti


            greetings Greg

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              Yeah well mine is OC'd to like 5 Ghz on a nicely done aircooling and it's running at 42 c idle...


              When gaming or benchmarking at very high specs, i can wack it up to about 68 c at one or two of the cores.. Now thats one thing, - but in BIOS it's a totally different story.!
              Before OC it was at 35 c idle and 42 c in BIOS. Now it's like 55 in BIOS  wich is about the same when im running msn, skype, a video conversion  or whatever at the same time.?!


              It could be a lot of things like powerdraw or etc. and i wouldn't  really be bothered about it... As far as my computer doesn't exceed the  72 c... i mean i AM only using aircooling so the risk is there with an  OC at 5 GHZ u know...?!!