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    D525MW compatible SSDs


      I have recently upgraded my home server to the D525MW board with a WD 2TB HDD. In the interests of streamlining and elegance I would like to keep the HDD entirely for data, however in the interests of power saving I don't want a second HDD just for the Linux OS. Therefore I would like to use a small (<10GB) SSD connected to the PCIe or USB Flash motherboard headers, can anyone suggest any (cost effective) SSDs that would fit my needs?

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          If you're still looking, I recommend the SuperTalent SR32C7MME or another from that product line. As far as I can tell, they're the only true mini PCIe SSDs out there. The rest use mSATA, which is the same connector with a different pinout. I like the one I've got, and the price and performance are much better than anything that hooks up to the USB header.