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    Pentium 4 650 and SpeedStep Technology problem


      Hi all !

      I'm new in this forum.

      I 've a problem with a 3.4GHz 650 Pentium 4 (LGA775) processor (not new, but used one)

      When I enable in BIOS SpeedStep Technology on an ASUS P5AD2 m/b with this processor on it, rebooting, system freeze before POST and I must reset BIOS values to make it to startup. Can it be a processor damage ? Is there a program that can test all processor functionality to search for damages or issues ?

      I tried to move it on 2 different ASUS m/b and it do the same thing (I attached only a module of RAM and keyboard. nothing else)

      thanks in advance for help

      Have a good day

      Greetings, Devis

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          If you have the same issue on 2 different motherboard, most likely it is a defective processor.

          Make sure that both motherboards are fully compatible with that processor, keep in mind that the fact that the motherboards are based on socket 775, it does not make the motherboard compatible with the processor, that is the reason that all motherboard manufacturers have a list of supported processors for each of their motherboards.

          If this is a 2nd hand processor, I would recommend contacting the first owner for any exchange option.

          To determine if the processor is being properly recognized by the system you can run the Intel® Processor Identification Utility.

          You can download the Intel® Processor Identification Utility at: