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    Warranty (international?)



      I'm going to buy a 160GB 320 series ssd in the US and I would like to know if these drives have an international warranty. I checked on the intel website but I didn't find precise info about this and also physical stores weren't able to give me definitive answer.



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          No one from Intel can answer this question? I read the info at the web page:




          An excerpt from the "HOW TO OBTAIN WARRANTY SERVICE" section of the pdf says:


          To obtain warranty service for the Product (purchased in its original sealed packaging), you may contact [...] or you may contact Intel. To request warranty service from Intel, you must contact the Intel Customer Support (“ICS”) center in your region within the warranty period during normal business hours (local time), excluding holidays and return the Product to the designated ICS center.


          To me this seems to imply that in case of problems you can contact the ICS in your region, regardless of the region where you bought the drive. However, I'm not sure and I would like to have a safe (and possibly official) answer on this. Most proboably I will buy the drive in the US and I will bring it to Europe.



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            Hi Mabis, based from what i know, as long as you have the proof of purchase, this can be arrange.

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              Thanks sage99.

              This is also my understanding but I would really appreciate an official answer (or a link to it) given also the 320 8MB firmware bug.