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    How to change DP35DP to DP67BG & keep hard drive?


      Hi, can anyone help please?


      I had some problems with my old DP35DP build which was probably caused by a southbridge problem. I have bought a new DP67BG board, new i7 processor, new RAM & rebuilt my rig. I had hoped that I could use my current single SATA WD Velociraptor hard drive & expected on boot that I could install the new board drivers & that would be fine. Unfortunately that didn't happen. On booting up with the new rig, Windows started to load, but hard crashed to go into a reboot loop. This also happened in safe mode. Despite both rigs only using a single SATA drive, I assume that there is a driver issue?


      Is there some way I can fix it without having to reinstall Windows for my new rig?


      Old rig:

      Intel DP35DP, Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650, Crucial  4gb DDR2-1066,  XFX HD5750 1gb, WD Velociraptor 300gb GLFS, Enermax Liberty 620W


      New rig changes:

      Intel DP67BG, Intel Core i7-2600, Crucial 4gb DDR3 PC3-17000


      O/s Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit


      (I have rebuilt my old rig to post this.)