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    Did Dell ship my Alienware with an ES Chip?


      I was scoping out and benchmarking my new system when I downloaded CPU-Z to take a look at my processor. I came across something odd, and my chip name was called "Genuine Intel (R) CPU 0", with an ES moniker on the side. Should I return my laptop to dell? The CPU-Z logo was black, indicated it was an extreme processor? I had selected the 2630qm as my processor, but i get this instead. What exactly is it that i have?

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          You probably have qualification sample of the 2630QM processor. These samples are similar to production chips, except that they're marked as samlpes, and usually have clock multiplier partially unlocked. They'are not warrantied by Intel, but you shoudn't worry about this because the warranty is provided by Dell. From user's point of view, this processor has identical performance as production 2630QM, and very likely has the same core stepping as the production chips.