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    asus p7p55d-e and xmp


      i recently bouhght 8 gig (2 * 4 gig)  of g-skill dd3 1600 mhz sniper  memory which runs at 1.25v and when i go in to the bios and select XMP  it sees my memory @1600mhz but it disables intel speed step -c1esupport--and intel c-state tech...al of which makes my i5 750 run permanantly at 2730 mhz .now can i just re-enable theses settings or is this what intel recomends automatically


      my spec


      g-skill f3-12800cl9d-8gbsr2 1600mhz sniper memory running at 1.25v


      any help on this matter is appreciated

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          Since the XMP is enabled at a BIOS level, I would suggest contacting the motherboard manufacturer and ask them if this is the way they designed the system to support the XMP mode of the RAM.

          Keep in mind that the BIOS is designed by the motherboard manufacturer, not by the processor manufacturer, so this BIOS behavior need to be explained by the motherboard manufacturer.