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    Problems with Intel Desktop Board DX58SO2


      Hi all!


      I have many problems with my mother board.


      At the boot of my computer, i heard many "biiip" and the system don't start.


      I go into the bios, change nothing, reboot and that's good, is alright!!


      It's not really nice to go into the bios at each boot of the computer.


      My config is :


      Intel mother board  DX58SO2

      CPU : Intel i7 990X

      RAM : DDR3 triple channel 6*4 G = 24 G


      I think the probleme is with my ram, but i'm not really sure...


      I have all the last update (BIOS, Driver, ...)


      I don't understand the problem...


      If one personn have the same problem, PLEASE, call me.


      thank's all!


      (sorry, for my bad english, i'm a poor froggy )

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          Needing to go into the BIOS each time you start up the system in order for the system to boot up fine is not normal at all.  To conclude if the cause is the memory or not, I'd first recommend the following:


          1. Ensure your power supply's 460W., at least, since that's the minimum the board supports; see page 56 of the Technical Product Specification here:




          2. If the wattage is compliant, then, proceed as follows within the BIOS:

          2.1. Reboot the system into BIOS.  Once in the BIOS setup utility, press <F9> to restore BIOS default settings.

          2.2. Reset any customized BIOS settings.

          2.3. Clear all DMI event logs by setting the option to "Enable", which is located in the Advanced/Event Log Configuration section of the BIOS Setup utility.

          2.4. Finally, press <F10> to save the new settings and reboot the system, and test.


          Note: Just in case, I'd suggest not only checking the memory modules comply with the board (click here), but also, see to it that the memory voltage is compliant with the processor, as it is not tolerant to higher than 1.5v.: