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    About S5000xal





      I have a Intel MB s5000xal and I would like know if it is mandatory to connect  Server Signal Connector from the PSU to  the MB to boot the MB. thanks



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          Javed Lodhi


          Hello Guest,



          You did not specify if you were encountring any problems on this motherboard with power or you just required information. In any case, there are three power connectors from PSU coming to MB;


          1. Main Power Connector

          2. CPU Power Connector

          3. Power Supply Management / Signal Connector (Aux)


          I suppose you are inquiring about the third one i.e. Power Supply Management /Signal Connector (Aux) ref: Pg 14-16 attached PDF



          Well, you have to connect it depending on the motherboard power requirement.

          The aux power cable was added to provide extra wattage to motherboards

          for 3.3 and 5 volts. It's most

          commonly found on some old and new dual CPU motherboards. You're more

          likely to sight BigFoot than a motherboard which uses this connector. It

          plugs into the 6/5 pin version of the motherboard connector used by the

          original PC main power cables.



          Consult POWER AND ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIFICATIONS section ref: Pg 74-82




          To understand the meaning of different power connectors and PSU ratings according to ATX casings, refer to the following URL:



          All about the various PC PSU Cables & Connectors



          Also refer to the attached S5000XAL motherboard manual that I have attached for you.






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          Javed Lodhi



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            Hi Javed,


            Thanks for your reply and help.Thanks anyway for the MB manual, I but already read it and i didnt find any answer for this matter. I tell you my complete problem, I have Intel MB s5000xal and a Delta PSU DPS-450DB. Firstable, I connected  only Main power connector (not the CPU connector, i didnt know that  yet)   to the MB and the preboot lights all were in green but it didnt boot up. after checking manuals, i connected te CPU and main connector to the MB and The MB tried to startup (boot lights started) but suddenly  they turned off. after that, I connected several times both connectors but only the preboots lights lighten up and never again(Post Code Diagnostic LEDs) tried to boot up . I checked the MB Power requirements and the MB needs at minimum a PSU with  550w and Vsb 3,5A  according with some documentation if not meet this condictions it will not boot up but in the manual regarding Vsb i am not sure if 3.0A will be enough (see below) .Other main question will be if theMB will boot without Power Supply Management Connector connected.the problem is that all the PSU for Pedestrial chassis they dont have this connector. This connector in the SSI specifitacion is more than an aux power. In the SSI CEB and EEB if this connector is not connected uses a 3.3V pin from the main power cable but this is not appears explicitly in SSI TEB (my MB is a SSI TEB, i believe). I found some Delta with this connector but only vsb 3A, you think will be enough. I found some  PSU who comply the SSI EPS12v but i dont know if the MB doesnt find connected 5-Pin connector will ask to the main power for that supply. I send you the SSI TEB 2.11 ( i couldnt find the 2.1, i think my MB is TEB 2.1) and a very interesting document.


            Kind Regards





            taken from the manual


            The combined power of all outputs shall not exceed the rated output power of the power supply.  The

            power supply must meet both static and dynamic voltage regulation requirements for the minimum

            loading conditions.

            Table 36. 600W Load Ratings

            Voltage  Minimum





            +3.3 V  1.5 A  10 A  

            +5 V  1.0 A  20 A  

            +12 V1  0.5 A  16 A  18 A

            +12 V2  0.5 A  16 A  18 A

            +12 V3  0.5 A  16 A  

            +12 V4  0.5 A  16 A  

            -12 V  0 A  0.5 A  

            +5 VSB  0.1 A  3.0 A  3.5 A

            1.  Maximum continuous total DC output power should not exceed 600W.

            2.  Peak load on the combined 12 V output shall not exceed 49A.

            3.  Maximum continuous load on the combined 12 V output shall not exceed 44A.

            4.  Peak total DC output power should not exceed 650W.

            5.  Peak power and current loading shall be supported for a minimum of 12 seconds.

            6.  Combined 3.3V and 5V power shall not exceed 100W.