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    Intel Advanced-N 6230 miniPCIe card


      I have an Intel Advanced-N 6230 MiniPCIe 802.11n and Bluetooth miniPCIe Card.

      The wireless LAN part of the miniPCIe card works fine but I have tried and cannot get the Bluetooth to work.  I have installed both the latest ProSet drivers for the Wireless LAN as well as the Bluetooth Drivers.  Under device manager, there is no Bluetooth entry and no unknown devices (both before and after installing the Bluetooth software).  Also, in the tray, there is no Bluetooth icon. 


      How do I get my bluetooth to work?

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          I could not get mine to work either.  After I installed the driver I went to the start window (WIN7) typed bluetooth in the search area clicked add bluetooth device and it worked.   I am sure you probably already did this but just in case.  I do not have a bluetooth icon in my tray either.