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    Inno3d 9600GT doesn't work in DP67BG.


      When I first got the board it wouldn't run at all with my Inno3d 9600gt. It would start the boot sequence that you can follow by the diagnostic led at the bottom of the board. When it got to video initialization it would die, then automatically restart and do the same thing again infinitley. For the record this card doesn't need extra power from the psu.

      In the end I tried putting in my old Radeon x1300 and finally it booted as it should.


      Here's the strange thing. If I put the Radeon in the top slot and the 9600 in the bottom one I can actually select geforce in the video section of the bios menu. Then I swap the monitor lead to the 9600 and it works. But if I then take out the Radeon I'm back to the original scenario with the board not booting.


      There's also been other peculiar issues with the board so I'm wondering if I the one I got is maybe not 100% ok.