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    CPU Socket Clamp Damages Top of CPU, Is Warranty Void?


      It came to my attention on a (not Intel) mother board manufacture's web site forum, that an owner of the same model board as I have, noticed that two sides of the top of his CPU had visible marks/damage caused by the clamping mechanism of the CPU socket.  This happened on an i7-2600k CPU, in a 1155 socket, of course.  There are several manufactures of 1155 CPU sockets (Intel lists four in their documentation) which of course may vary in small details of their construction.  The following pictures are examples of two variations in construction:


      socket pic.PNG

      Please note that I am aware that the upper picture is of an 1156 socket, the lower an 1155.  Note the difference in the load plates, specifically the two tabs or flanges that are lined up horizontally that apply pressure to the top side edges of the CPU, which is covered by the IHS I believe.  Note in the top picture, the tabs have a small indentation in them, while in the lower picture, the tabs have a much larger indentation.  The load plate in the top picture, which is identical to those used on one type of 1155 socket, cause the marks or damage to the edges of the CPU.  My mother board has a socket with a load plate like the one in the lower picture, and leaves little or no damage on the CPU.


      Finally, the question is, would marks left by the load plate's tabs on a correctly installed CPU void an owners warranty?  The CPU in question functions normally in the owner's PC.


      I have seen small marks on older CPUs from the load plate, but have never exchanged one under warranty.  What is Intel's policy regarding this situation?  Thank you.

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          As when u contact chat support they say any kind of pysical damage cause's warranty void.but dont panic,u go to service center and give it to them they say ur board i damaged may be its not covered in warranty if we send it to intel center they return it but u force them to send it if it comed back u accept it,intel take it bcoz they take decisions in favour of the customer they dont want to spoil customer relationship.My motherboard cpu socket pins are completely damaged and my DIMM are also working but both (pin and dimm)issue r not related.service center people say its impossible to acccept it in warranty is say only tell intell i have dimm problem and send them,and last they accepted it with no problem.