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    Intel® HM65 (B2 stepping) - how to avoid the known issue with SATA ports?


      Hello! I want to buy a laptop (Lenovo), but the model, which I chose, is equipped with a chipset HM65 revision B2. Under what conditions the known issue with the chipset of this revision will not affect the laptop in the future?

      For example, here: http://www.intel.com/support/chipsets/6/sb/CS-032521.htm I have read that the issue with this chipset won't appear if devices are connected to SATA ports 0 and 1, but whether this condition is applicable to the mobile chipset and laptops???

      How can I be convinced that the laptop really won't be affected by this issue? I don't want to ask the laptop manufacturer about it, because in telephone conversation he can tell me everything just to sell his product (unfortunately such situation is not surprising for my country (Ukraine)...).