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    Using an SSD with SRT


      If I have two physical hard drives (not in a raid array), say C: and D:, and assume that I had a 120GB SSD, can I use 60GB to cache one drive, and the remaining 60GB of the SSD to cache the second drive?

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          from what i know, you can only activate the cache if you're drives are in matrix array and i read it somewhere else that 1 ssd cannot be serving to different volume on a matrix array.

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            Okay, I just spoke with Intel, and they said that an SSD can only cache one drive, the C: drive. However, the C: drive can be made up of a single drive, or a multiple drive raid array, and it will be cached just the same. In either case, the system MUST be set to raid.

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              I believe SRT is designed to reduce user intervention/maintainence/setup.  It simplifies the process.


              For the vast majority of users, they will have all their OS/application files on a single partition hence the design decision to cache only one virtual disk.

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                I have a similar issue. I installed a 120GB SSD and SRT was able to partition it automatically as it can only access up to 64GB. That is working well as the cache to my 2TB HDD, however the remaining partition is not availible in Windows 7 (x64). I can see the partition in Device Manager, i have scanned for hardware changes, still does not show up as a available data storage drive, and it says it is working correctly. I was hoping to use the rest of the SSD drive for audio/media streaming file location. Any help would be greatly appreciated!