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    Issue with 82571EB dual gigabit controller stalls on linux w/ e1000e 1.3.17




      We are setting up our modular servers with a new OS version (ubuntu Server 11.04 w/ 2.6.38 kernel) and are experiencing wierd problems with the e1000e driver.


      The hardware is composed of 2 80003ES2 controllers and 2 82571EB controllers (on mezzanine boards).


      The ethernet driver loads ok after a modprobe e1000e, but once we configure it e.g. with dhcllient eth3 (one of the 82571EB ports), it starts to loop in up-down state and resetting. The 80003ES2 ports behave well.


      The failure happens with at least driver vers. 1.3.17 and 1.3.10a. The error handling routine seems to consistent with line 4989 of netdev.c, if this helps, but we could not yet figure out which pre-conditions causes it.


      Someone a clue?



      - Rick