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    After data migration, Windows 7 will not boot from SSD - ntoskrnl.exe corrupt?


      I purchased the Intel 320 series SSD (120 GB) and installed it into my Dell Studio XPS Windows 7 computer.


      Data migration from my original boot disk appeared to complete normally.


      When I changed the boot order to thereby boot from the SSD, it refused with the message:


          <windows root>system32\ntoskrnl.exe corrupt or missing.


      Restarting with my original hard drive, inspection of the f:\windows\system32\ folder shows this file present in the SSD.


      Any attempts to replace this file, even from the administrator account, runs into something called the "TrustedInstaller" which refuses to allow any changes to this file on the SSD.


      So, right now my purchase is a flop. Can you help?



      Jim Lynch