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    DG41WV problem


      I've got a system With the following caracteristics:

      Corsair 500W

      Kingston 30Gb SSD

      Kingston 1Gb DDR3

      Intel DG41WV

      Intel E7500

      Windows 7 32bit


      The problem is when i press the button start in Windows the machine sometines restarts. I've tried unsuccefully updating the BIOS.


      Notes: I've installed 2 systems and the 2 do the same thing.

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          Having two systems set up the same way exhibiting the problem in question is not usual.  If just by clicking on the "Start" button in Windows, the system restarts, and does this randomly, and updating the BIOS has not helped, I'd next suggest the following:


          1. Just to be sure, see to it that Device Manager reports no conflicts.


          2. If there are no problems shown by Device Manager, then, check that you initially followed the Critical Driver Installation order, with the most current drivers, as outlined here:




          If the problem continues, please, indicate the Altered Assembly Number (AA #) of your particular board.

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            Hello everyone, please help me. I am using an intel dg41 wv motherboard and 2gb ddr3 1333 mhz dimm ram but on installing windows 7, after completing installation, at the final restart of installation computer does not show any desktop & get stucked on pres any key boot from cd or dvd......and if we restart at this position, mobo give 3 continuous beeps with a pause and continues until the power is off. But one thing is as per the intel dg41wv official page :-

            System memory features

            The board has two DIMM sockets and supports the following memory features:


            Two 240-pin DDR3 SDRAM Dual Inline Memory Module (DIMM) sockets

            Support for DDR3 1066 MHz or DDR3 800 MHz DIMMs

            Support for up to 4 GB total system memory

            Single or dual channel operation

            Memory voltage: 1.35V to 1.65V

            But the box in which this mobo came says that it supports DDR3 1066/800/1333 MHz.

            and i am using DDR3 RAM 1333 MHz DIMM.

            I know this beep is memory fault but where is the problem. Is this mobo support only 1066/800 ram. Any solution?