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    SRCSAS18E SAS and SATA Raid at the same Time

      Hi comunity,


      I have a SRCSAS18E raid controller in a S5000PSL mainboard runing. It already has a diskgroup with four SAS drives in RAID 5 mode properly runing. Now I have to add two more SATA drives in RAID1 mode.


      Actually, the controller don't let my Install a new diskgroup and it also always just offers the RAID0 mode for the two unconfigured drives. The controller has the lates firmware from the Intel website and I can't use the Web Raid Console2 as matter of I use an ESXi VMWare Server.


      Has someone a suggestion how to initialize the second diskgroup propperly? Is there an known issue while using SAS and SATA at the same time? May someone give me a short description how to setup the RAID1 without destroying the RAID5?