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    Crackling/Popping audio, high DPC Latency from iRST drivers


      Hello all,


      I have a very strange problem, when I install any iRST driver newest or older ones my DPC Latency goes through the roof and as a result all my audio is crackling and popping, whenever some sound is playing.


      My PC:


      Windows 7 64-bit SP1

      P67 Extreme4

      Vertex 3 120GB


      Asus GTX 570 DIRECTCU II

      Corsair 750W AXEU



      I've done a complete reinstall of windows and tested with only the iRST drivers installed (


      My second (resulting) problem is, that without the iRST drivers my boot takes about 9mins and shutdown takes a few mins too.

      With the iRST I have a normal 45sec boot up.


      Has anyone encountered something similar or has any idea, how I could fix this? An updated driver from Intel would be cool