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    Using the Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software - Some questions


      Hi all,

      My goal is to make sure the wireless connection disconnected as soon as my users connect a wire. I have found that this can be dine with the Intel PROSet software when you configure the "Adapter Switching" but I have run in to some questions I need helps with:

      1. In old versions of the Intel PrROSet software you were able to include a driver. Today it looks like you only create the "configuration " as a exe file
      2. When you create a profile and install this and the driver on a computer you get a icon displaying the status of the wireless connection. Is there a way to eremove this icon in the package. I can do it manualy but I would like it to not be displayed by default
      3. After installing the driver and the configuration on a Windows 7 system, you have the option to click on the Icon and select "reset PROSet". As far as I see it, this will remove the customization. This is something I don't want the users to be able to do and therefor I need to remove this option - Is this possible?
      4. Last question - Do I need the INtel PROSet application or is there a "pure" driver that has the "Adapter Switching" function as default?