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    RAID drive suddenly marked as Non-RAID disk




      Before leaving for the weekend, my computer (and its RAID drive) was working fine.  This morning (Monday), I find my computer "on", but not responding to any keypress or mouse movement.  The monitors are not receiving any signal.  I reboot and now the Intel Matrix Storage Manager option ROM v7.5.0.107 ICH9R wRAID5 tells me that one of the member disks in my RAID0 array is a Non-RAID Disk.  This is not accurate; it is a RAID disk.  At least, it was up until last week, and had been for months upon months.


      Are there any utilities that can be used to return the Non-RAID disk to its former status?




      There was big thunderstorm during the weekend.  Perhaps that might have affected something?

      Thank you.