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    D845WN - Cannot boot.


      A friend of mine whos step father got a computer from some auction and has handed it down to me. When I got the computer, all that was left in was the board (Intel Desktop Board D845WN), the original power supply, the processor (Pentium 4), and the CD drive. The floppy drive has been removed. No PCI or AGP cards were installed and it came with no memory either. I've managed to install the memory, install the hard drive on PRI IDE w/ master jumper selected and install an AGP video card. When I turn on the computer, I can hear the hard drive spin up, but nothing will come onto the monitor. I also notice that there's no activity going on in the hard drive, It just sits idle. The board also does not beep. Do I need to have the CD drive and the floppy drive connected? Is there anything else I may be missing? And shouldn't SOMETHING at least come on to the screen without the CD drive or the floppy drive connected? The reason for this is I don't have an extra IDE cable for the CD drive and don't have a floppy drive to install.