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    ICH9R South Brdg. any TRIM commands


      Hi, I'm wondering if is there any chance that intel will release any controller driver to be compatable with Window 7 TRIM features. This SSD tecnology I think is been out for a while, do you think is time to release any compatability driver with type of Drive to work with this type of drive they are expensive as they is. I would nice to get nice support for this drive to really the most performance of what they are capable of. Thanks.

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          I am running a Intel DX48BT2 , That has a ICH9R/DO/DH/ , ,, SATA AHCI Controller , Driver #  .   Been working for a year now.

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            What board do you have ??

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              "Asus Benician IPIBL-LB, with the Intel Chipset Controller ICH9R." See are U running that drivers ver. and have see TRIM enable on Ur OS (Windows 7) ? see I can run any drivers ver. that I want but with the only one that I have seen TRIM working is with the Micro soft one.

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                TRIM support has absolutely nothing to do with the underlying southbridge chipset.  The only time it plays a role is when RAID mode (not AHCI mode) is enabled in the system (PC) BIOS.  This complicates things on a driver level (within the OS) because the I/O driver needs to know what LBAs to submit TRIM for, which is more complex/difficult in RAID mode.


                Assuming you're using an ICH9R with the operating mode set to AHCI or Enhanced (sometimes called IDE or Compatible), then TRIM should work just fine in Windows 7 (since the OS supports TRIM if the underlying device advertises its capability, which Intel SSDs do).  And no, before you ask, there is no way to determine if it's working.  You simply have to trust things.

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                  See, Koitsu thanks 4 Ur answer. But everything that U just told me I had read on other forum, 4 example OCZ, and a lot of the post posted there and other forum beside the one that mention before have confirm the same, " so far the only time the TRIM command past true the any controller chipset is with the Microsoft original driver when U install Windows, If U upgrade the controller chipset driver which in my case is an Intel ICH9R with the most recent intel driver you don't have trim neither on AHCI nor IDE. RAID u never have TRIM  neither with Microsoft driver nor Intel driver, cause in RAID as right now the only thing is garbage collector. See Intel has their own SSD driver and their support to product it should be different, way cause this is bussiness.

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                    TRIM is supported on Intel storage drivers for a number of years now.


                    If you are running hardware/host-based RAID, you cannot use the MS generic storage driver.  However, the Intel drivers do support TRIM for non-member SSDs.  If the SSD is not in an array, TRIM works for W7.


                    I would check the date of the post you quoted since it has been this way for over a year now.

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                      I can tell buy your description of the board , That it's a HP  IPIB- LB  , I would strongly suggest you get any drivers you need for that board form HP , Sometimes these are customized by HP , The Intel drivers may  not work right , or give you problems , Especially  the BIOS Files they will not work on a HP Board..