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    overheating of e2140 dual core processor


      from the last two weeks, the temp of the processor is going beyond 50'C on moderate loading. is it normal?


      my specs are:


      INTEL DG41RQ Motherboard

      3GB DDR2 RAM

      nVIDIA 8400GS 512MB

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          Yes it's likely not an indication of a problem.  Where I live, it's summer, and the house is warmer than usual, so the air cooling the PC is not as cool as in other seasons.  If your room temperature changes from 5 to 8 degrees C, so will your PC and the CPU.  Also, the fans on the CPU and video card cannot necessarily cool as well as they speed up, a 25% change in speed may not provide 25% more cooling.  It's also common for fans to become dirty with dust, and they will slow down and/or not move as much air.  Dust on the CPU and video card GPU heat sinks will keep them from cooling as good as they can when clean.  Fans also wear out and slow down.


          There are many things that can contribute to rising temperatures in a PC, even it's location in a room or if it is in the sunlight.  Many times there is not one simple answer and it may take some work to discover what is happening if the PC is getting warmer and we are absolutely certain that nothing else changed in it's environment or usage.  Innocently adding something new like a mouse can add software that is running all the time and you don't realize it.  Think back to what changed not long ago on the PC, and you may find your answer.