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    Blue screen and freezing OS, do not response Disk


      Our computer envionment


      1. CPU i7

      2. DX58SO2 Extream

      3. BIOS version : 0779

      3. 24GB Memory (SAMSUNG)

      4. including SATA cable.

      5. two OCZ agility 3 120G  SSD (SATA3)



      some time blue screen and freezing

      SATA3 not response OS.


      Anyone experience?


      Let me know about it

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          Usually when a system freezes and freezes constantly on blue screen errors, it refers to memory or, at least, it's a possibility.  So, to begin diagnosis of your particular system symptom, I'd recommend the following:


          1. Ensure your memory does comply with the requirements of the board; for this, please, refer to the following URL:




          2. Just to be 100% sure, check that your Samsung* memory is 1.5v., as, I confirm, the CPU is not tolerant to higher than 1.5v.  "Intel recommends using memory that adheres to the Jedec memory specification for DDR3 memory which is 1.5 volts, plus or minus 5%. Anything over this voltage can either damage the processor or significantly reduce the processor life span." (qtd. here).