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    Intel HD Graphics installation, Compatible driver is "incompatible"


      I'm trying to install the:

      Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Windows 7* 64, Windows Vista* 64


      version (



      I'm running

      Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

      Intel(R) Core i3 M370 @2.4GHz

      4 gbs of RAM

      Intel HD Graphics driver version:


      On a Toshibia Portege R705


      Running into some problems with a couple games, I looked around the web and people using Intel HD Graphics had their issues fixed by updating the driver. I tried to update mine automatically and, not surprisingly, it said it was already up to date. Same results with the automatic driver utility thingy on the intel site.


      One game in particular, Amnesia, requires OpenGL and supposedly, Intel HD now supports OpenGL. This led me to the download center where I found the media accelerator driver which, according to the readme's, should be compatible with my system. Running the setup.exe, the program just closes when it's running its test for Aero (which, as far as I can tell, my computer already has) . Trying to install it manually, I select the ini file and get this message: "The folder you specified doesn't contain a compatible software driver for your device, etc..."


      But according to the website, it should be compatible.


      So either I missed some indication that it is in fact not compatible (it's only an update for drivers?), or my current driver already has the update features (in which case, why isn't the OpenGL working and why am I experiencing problems that were fixed when others with IntelHD updated?), or something else is borked.


      Can I force it to install the driver? I seem to remember with XP there was a way to override the "wrong driver!" messages. Maybe that was only with modded drivers?


      Anyway, any help appreciated.

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          Officially, it could really be incompatible. There are sometimes ways to override it, but that's not guaranteed. The best way is wait for the manufacturer to supply it. I know they are slow to come around. This is not just limited to Intel. Someone I knew with a Dell laptop and Nvidia GPU couldn't install the drivers downloaded from Nvidia's site. They eventually came around to supporting it, but my point is that its not guaranteed to work.


          You have the older HD Graphics with the first generation Core processor. The OpenGL enhancement with the latest drivers, if you read the release notes specifically refer to the 2nd generation Core processor. Intel graphics had generic OpenGL support way back in 2006 with G965, individual support might differ. That said, the latest drivers supposedly enable Amnesia support with the first HD Graphics.


          The .ini installation method is one way I know. If you are following the steps exactly(downloading the zip version and following the instructions) and still can't get to install, I'm afraid you won't be able to fix the problem.

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            I get the same error, and I get another error when I do it through the Device Manager.

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              We are now a half year further.... and did you any answers about your problems? And if you found a solution yourself can you write it down here, because I even want to know
              how you fix it.

              I'm a Dutchman and also user of a first-generation Intel processors(the Quad Core i7 @ 920, ICH10R, LGA-1366).
              In my opinion sells the company 'Intel' his processors and never give the general consumer his (f/m) service which he belongs.
              The our situation have the first-generation Core processors no (extra) Media support on the motherboard as the 2nd generation and all written text, plug-ins, software is for that 2nd generation..... that means that if I want something to know about the media possibilties
              (p.e. support for the new media with AVCHD, Blu-ray, 3D, ....) you can not find anything else as information for that 2nd generation on this website, but also by third-part companies.

              If the company 'Intel' gives the (older) first-generation no back-service/support or advice between first and second generation than third-part companies doesn't know either and don't bringing news!

              For a few processors there are also extended service like using the same processor/motherboard with another LGA or v.v.

              So I read a lot, but I cannot find the real Media advice for the first-generation Cores from Intel.

              If another person cannot help me, maybe I ask this 'item' by the questions....!


              Kindly regards from Amsterdam/Netherlands '


              ~ I'm open, honest and sincere to myself and to others....! ~

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                What are you talking about? Only the dual core first generation Core chips support graphics and media. Your i7-920 doesn't. Your chip is to be used exclusively with discrete graphics, aka AMD and Nvidia graphics.