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    D525mw - Are onboard SATA hot swap capable


      Hi All,


      I have connected an internal SATA to e-SATA cable to the D525MW motherboard and presented the e-SATA socket in an expansion socket.  The idea is that end users can plug in an external SATA device rather than having to open up the case.


      My question is:  If i have enabled AHCI on the motherboard, with an e-sata device be hot swapable?  The system will be running Windows Server 2008r2.  I've tried it with an e-sata hdd and it didn't seem hot swapable.  The new HDD wasn't recogised.  It is ok if you do a reboot.


      Just need confirmation.


      Many thanks



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          I confirm hot swapping of SATA devices is indeed supported by the chipset in question via the Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI); see page 38 of the datasheet for the chipset:




          Hot plugging is not supported by the desktop board itself, though.


          Important Notes:

          - As for using an SATA-to-e-SATA cable, the use of this type of adapters/converters is not recommended, and consequently, Intel can not ensure expected hard drive-wise peformance when using a non SATA-to-SATA cable.


          - In respect to running the system with Microsoft* Windows* 2008 Server, I'd like to add that this is not a validated operating system for the desktop platform.  Unfortunately, drivers and applications might not function properly since they are not specifically designed for the use under this operating system.  Please, refer to the following URL for the currently validated Operating Systems: