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    Raid 1 moving to larger hard disks


      I wanted to confirm my newly revised view of this subject.


      I had a raid 1 array comprised of two 1 Tb disks. One disk went bad. I decided to get two new 1.5 Tb disks and configure as a new raid 1 array, and didn't want to have to reinstall the OS etc. The raid array includes the boot partition (windows 7).


      I initially thought I'd clone the old hdd to one of the new hdd, and then boot to the new hdd, and convert to raid. I cloned the old hdd to a new hdd. In the meantime I read around here quite a bit and found many messages that it wouldn't be possible to convert a non-Raid disk to a Raid disk, but also some to the effect that there was a "Convert" option in the software. I couldn't find the convert option in the Intel Matrix Storage Manager. I gave up on that approach and started following the course outlined in the intel document "Intel - How do I move my RAID 1 volume to larger hard drives?" I finally realized that IMSM was not the primary software any more, but that the Intel Rapid Storage Technology sofware was, so I installed that. I deleted the partitions in the newly cloned disk in preparation for the new process.


      I am in the middle of the "How do I move my RAID 1 volume to larger hard drives" process at step 7:


      7. Allow the rebuild to complete.


      The only part of the process I'm worried about is step 9:

      9. Click Reset Disks to Non-RAID.
            Note     You may see a dialog box warning you of data loss. This warning does not apply to RAID 1; you will still be able to access your data.


      It's a major exposure because I don't have the clone any more and if I lose the old drives data via setting to non-raid, I've lost it all. Can someone confirm that this process is safe?


      After reading it over a couple of times, it seems that I could have saved myself a lot of trouble by keeping the cloned new disk and using the Create button. All the steps prior to the "Create" button I'd already done on my own...I'd cloned the disk, switched out of raid, I had everything in good shape for "Create", if only I'd known about the new intel softeware for Raid.


      But I'm not sure because I have not made it through the process yet. It would be useful to hear from someone that I'm understanding things correctly?