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    2915 ABG wireless (won't save encryption password)


      I have an Intel R Pro Wireless 2915 ABG net adapter. When I set up the profile to connect to my wireless router/modem, I get as far as entering the "wireless security password" or encryption key. I enter the password, it lets me enter all the letters and numbers. I click ok. It makes an attempt to connect, sometimes it may connect to the wireless router for 30sec or so. Then it kicks me out. Trouble shooter says my encryption password is incorrect. Ya, no kidding. I go back through the process again and everytime the box on the that page has a shorter password in it. It will not save the new password, nor can I find away to get rid of the old password it has stored. I tried deleting the profile and starting over. Same problem. I'm at a loss. Been through the process several times. I have right password for encryption. Has anyone else had this problem?

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          I changed the setting to let windows manage the wireless connection and so far it is staying connected. I don't know why the Intel adapter won't save the encryption password, but, whatever I guess.

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            Well, that didn't last for long. Today, the connection comes up, but at times drops out and has to reconnect. It's not a signal strength problem. I have the laptop about 5 feet from my wireless modem. When it does reconnect I have solid green bars and get 48.0 Mbps. Even though I am letting windows manage the connect, I think the problem still goes back to the 2915 not wanting to accept the encrypted password. I just don't get it. I think this wireless card is jumnk!

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              I can use this on an unsecured connection all day long. No problems. But the problem with saving the secured password, encryption key, I just don't get. It looks like the number of characters that are being displayed is about half the amount it should be. I am guessing that it is some old password. No support from Intel. What there is here is a joke. I realize they no longer sell it and really don't support it. It's junk!

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                Well, I've had it with this piece of junk. I'm going to pull the internal card out of my laptop and go buy a wireless card that works. Looks like NetGear is a decent one. I know one thing, it sure won't be an Intel brand. Horriable software and user interface. From posts I've read in forums on the internet, sounds like they have always had problems when using it on a secured network, so Intel quits selling it and drops the support for it! Thanks!

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                  you may want to start by reinstalling the driver and the proset software. if you still get the same problem, please post more info, like windows version, driver and software version, type of encryption/authentication...

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                    I tried reinstalling the driver and software, several times. Even tried a clean install. The only thing I did not try was physically removing the card from within the laptop and reinstalling it. If I'm using it on an "open" or  unencrypted connection, no problems of course. So far, for the last couple of days, I was able to to configure and use it by letting windows manage the wireless connection.


                    Running windows XP pro svc pack 3

                    Downloaded and installed the latest driver and software from Intel for 2915 ABG (had the same problem with the old driver and software)

                    Using an Actiontec PK5000 wireless modem/router Qwest DSL (Qwest believes it is a problem with the 2915 wireless adapter)

                    with AES data encryption and WPA2-PSK

                    Intel driver dated 12/19/2007


                    Have full singal strength. Tried moving further from the modem, same problem. I have another laptop, different wireless adapter, no problems.


                    That's about I can tell you.