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    WiFi 4965AGN driver for Windows 2008 Server


      Hi everyone,


      I installed Windows 2008 Server on my Acer Aspire 6920G and want to use my WiFi link, 4965AGN. I'm also running Windows XP on the machine and thought I'd give the XP driver a try.


      The driver installs all right, and in the device info (the "general" tab) it says "the device is working properly". But it isn't. In the system tray it says the device is disconnected, and when trying to run the Troubleshooting tool, Windows Network Diagnostics can't solve the problem - all I get is "The wireless network adapter is experiencing problems".


      I've tried to locate Windows 2008 Server drivers for the 4965AGN, to no avail.


      Anyone know how to remedy this? Are there drivers for W2k8? Or will I have simply have to dig in DDK (please no ).