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    driver installation problem (help plz)


      When I try to install a new driver for my processor, an error message  pops up and tells me that I don't meet the minimum requirements to run  the software. I tried several drivers including old ones, and the same  message keeps appearing.


      Here are my system specs:


      alienware m15x

      Windows 7 home premuim 64-bit

      BIOS: ver A08 1.00

      Intel Core i7 CPU Q 740 @1.7GHz

      4096 MB RAM

      1024 MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730


      I  don't believe my system doesn't meet the minimum requirements, but I  still can't dowload the latest Intel drivers for my processor. It's a  somewhat new system and I haven't upgraded it yet, so for now I have  some generic MS stuff from 2006. I think it would improve my preformance  if I could get more recent Intel drivers.


      thank you for your help!