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    Intel desktop board & Full Disk Encryption?


      I tried searching, but drowned in WiFi related hits..


      I have this older DH55TC motherboard, AA E70932-205, which I would like to use together with a modern SATA harddisk which supports Full Disk Encryption (now often called "self-encrypting drives"). To be clear, I will make a new install from scratch, and want Full Disk Encryption turned on and my data secured with strong cryptography.


      The documentation for my harddisk says it needs 2 commands from the Host (the host is presumably the motherboard):

      • Security Protocol Out (B5h)
      • Security Protocol In (A2h)


      AFAIK, on laptops this is often done by enabling the BIOS password on the laptop, which then together with the latops Trusted Platform Module will enable encryption on the harddisk?


      I couldn't find anything in the DH55TC manual about Full Disk Encryption. Can anyone here help me -- does this board support this, and how do I enable it?


      Thank you,