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    Core i7 2600K different temperature readings


      Hi there


      I've recently built my PC which has a core i7 2600K chip and an ASUS P8H67-M PRO motherboard


      The issue im having is my temperature recording for the CPU is showing differently, using 3 different softwares


      Speedfan software shows my CPU temp at 90C

      Hardware monitor shows 85-90C

      The ASUS AI suite II shows CPU at 27C


      Which one am i supposed to be believing, these are temperatures at idle temperatures and 90C is very hot for idle i beleive.


      I touch the heatsink and it is warm, not hot that my fingers burn.


      So i just want to know the best way to get good temperature readings and why are there big differences between the software readings?



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          I think two of them are reporting Farenheit not Celcius.


          27C is pretty close to 90F.


          90F ~ 32.22C

          80F ~ 26.67C

          195F ~ 90C


          90C would shut down your system and burn your hand.

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            I would consider the Asus AI suite II as giving the correct reading for the following reason:


            1. The program is specific to the mb which is Asus. That is  it is a match.

            2. The other two programs (Hardware monitor and speedfan) gave you a very high reading which should make your system shut down immediately (but it does not) if really they are true readings. You verify the falseness of the readings by touching the heatsink.

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              So i rechecked, its in Celsius, but i realised that the CPU and motherboard temperatures shown on the ASUS suite are shown as GPU and Mainboard, which show pretty similar temperature readings, bout 20-30 C on idle and up to 70C when playing a powerful game for an hour or 2. but hardware monitor is showing CPUTIN and AUXTIN as very high temperatures 90C + what are they meant to be?


              so overall it is showing CPU on ASUS suite as GPU on hardware monitor

              and motherboard as mainboard these temperatures are reading fine


              My concern is the CPUTIN, AUXTIN,SYSTIN thas showing high temperatures


              BIOS also shows after 2-5 minutes sitting there machine goes up to 60C then drops


              Should i be concerned or assume safe temperatures?


              Thanks guys

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                Yes and as i mentioned the BIOS is showing after 5 minutes goes max 60C then slowly drops and steadies at about high 50-60C

                even after playing instense gaming or having the machine under full load, after a temperature reading of about 50-70C the heatsink doesn not feel hot so that my fingers burn, ive honeslty never felt the heatsink over warm temperature.