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    How to install WinXP with SATA drivers on the DH67BL board?




      I've just finished building ny system, and want to install WinXP, as a means of upgrading to Windows 7. I can't find a way to get the right AHCI drivers to use with the board. I only want to installl the SATA drivers; I don't want to use RAID. In the board's BIOS, I ensured that AHCI is enabled and RAID is disabled.


      I went to the board's XP driver page here:


      This page's RAID: Intel® Rapid Storage Technology Driver STOR_F6_32_10.1.0.1008_PV.exe file only seems to provide drivers for RAID configurations. I tried installing the drivers at WinXP installation using the floppy/F6 option, but only RAID driver options appeared on the screen. When I tried all of these, I got the 0x0000007B BSOD, blocked.


      After searching further, I found this page, which includes XP drivers for the Series 6 chipset used by the board:


      The Intel® Rapid Storage Technology iata_enu.exe file only provides the drivers that can be installed after the WinXP has been installed. A bit chicken and egg, blocked again.


      I've done this before, with a Dell laptop, and that went very smoothly. I don't understand what I should do.


      I've verified that the hardware is OK by installing Ubuntu Linux, which succeeded without any problems.


      Can anyone help?