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    622AN WLAN card on the D525MW and DH61DL motherboards


      These motherboards have a mini-PCIe socket on them, and the pictorial installation guide packaged with each motherboard has a pretty, color picture showing a WLAN card being installed and the antennas hooked up.  But nothing seems to work. The BIOS reports the card to the Windows (XP and Vista.)  The o/s reports the card as "other devices, network adapter" but no driver recognizes the card.  It's a 622ANHMW.


      I called channel support for the motherboard and asked what WLAN cards the motherboards are compatible with and the guy told me the motherboard is not certified to work with any WLAN card.  Interesting... considering the picture in the installation guide.


      I talked to support for the wireless cards and he told me that if there was a compatibility problem I should contact the system manufacturer.  I pointed out to him that it was an Intel motherboard, retail boxed.  He offered to transfer me to the motherboard support people.  I said I already had talked to them.  I asked if he could escalate the call and he said there is no one higher to talk to about OEM cards except the system manufacturer. So we were going in circles.


      What is going on???  How do I find out what it takes to make a WLAN card work on these motherboards??