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    AMT State Control disable via setup.bin


      We're not ready to use AMT and it`s features in our company right now. So we have to enable the ME State Control on all our computers. This has to be done through the BIOS - and is a lot of typing to do. I already use a setup.bin file on usb to change the password - but i still haven`t  found a code in usbfile.exe to create a setup.bin, that also changes the ME State Control to disabled. - and of course to enabled again, when we change back in the future. Is there a tip available - or is there no chance right now, to do tjhis via setup.bin.





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          Unfortunately, I don't know of any command line switches available in the Intel(R) AMT USB File generator utility that permit disabling the Intel(R) ME. The purpose of the USB File utility is to generate a 'setup.bin' file that will be used to establish custom settings to enable provisioning of the Intel(R) AMT device. With that said, it does not assist in enabling and, subsequentially, disabling the Intel(R) AMT features. Once the system has been provisioned (i.e., setup and configured) then the enabled state of the Management Engine (Intel(R) ME) can not be automatically changed without manually entering the MEBx.


          Refer to the attached text document for the available command line switches for the USB File generator utlity available in the Intel(R) AMT SDK 5.1.1.