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    Intel HW RAID importing problem.




      I've got an Intel SRCSASLS4I RAID controller with 4+6 expander boxes. In the 6pcs HDD-ed expander I have 6cs 2Tb HDD in which slot0 is dying (0 reallocated sectors, but current pendig: 707, offline uncorrectable: 86 according to SMART). Besides this the RAID5 using all drives with no hotspare keeps stopping.

      For now I got to this state: after booting there is no configuration, so the controller wants to find one. It finds a 'Not importable VD RAID5'. Slot1,2 is ood and online, while slot 0,3,4,5 is 'Not importable'.


      What should I do?


      Not to say, that I need to fix this in no time




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          It's a bit LOL and a bit SAD...


          I put the drives in different order and pulled the bad one out, so made a degraded, missing disk raid array. And guess what! The configuration importer saw 5pcs of disk in Online status colored GREEN! So I quickly imported the found config and put a disk into dedicated HSP and finally it started to rebuild.


          WHY is this normal? IS THIS normal?


          I spent more than 3 day trying to resolve this raid problem and a few more NOT doing anything. Yes, I was a fool not putting a HSP when I was building this raid, but this isn't normal...


          Anyway: Do You have somekind of advice for WD Green disks? I was reading that I should disable the idle and enable the TLER. Anyone faced these with 2Tb WD Green disks?


          Still waiting for the rebuild progress, it's almost 5%





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            The RAID5 array rebuild went fine, everything is OK and I put a hotspare now.


            Anyway: I would be happy if anyone could tell me why was this unexpected working. (All the drives are OK, none of the remaining 5 HDDs were having even a tiny bit of SMART-errors.)


            I'll mark my previous post as the answer.