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    DG45FC - No Post After Altering Memory Timings - Options Please


      Hello community,


      Having problems with board DG45FC.


      During installation of windows, with 36-39 minutes to go. I had the dreaded blue screen.


      Was told to disable cache and shadowing.


      Thought it was the memory as it is 4 4 4 12 and 5 5 5 * or 6 6 6 * was listed.


      Went into bios saw 4 4 4 9 showing.


      Changed to 5 4 4 9 and saved and exited accidently.


      Now I have no post at all but CPU fan is spinning.


      Have read up on so many disscussions and have tried all the options listed principally resetting cmos and flashing bios.


      When firing up board will not flash new bios whatsoever.


      Have even tried switching to dvi display monitor.


      Can anybody help.


      Thanks JPatel