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    Building a new PC, getting black screen error


      I think I need technical assistance with my new computer


      New Items that im upgrading:


      MSI Motherboard P67A-GD65
      Intel I7 2600K Quad Core 3.4Ghtz Processor
      4  Sticks of Wintec AmpX (2GB ea) 8GB total (was gonna update to Windows 7  64bit so I can use over 4GB of RAM bit but I cant get that far.)
      and a new fancy case with lots of breathing


      Oh and the other pieces I have from my other pc that I'm not replacing:


      GPU: Nvidia 450 GTS
      750W power supply
      some dinky fans
      and  my 300GB Hard Drive


      Whats  happening is, I boot it up, then I get a black screen saying something  along the lines of 'Windows could not start' and gives me 2 options, 1:  Boot Up Windows Normally, and 2: Go to some auto-repair section


      normal boot: computer tries to boot again, and i go back to that same black screen.
      auto-repair: suggests to do a system restore (sometimes) or just says the program can't find the issue and then pc shuts down.


      So now i took out my power supply, gpu, hard drive and dvd drive and put it back in my old pc so I can post this, now I have a 600 dollar paperweight


      Thanks for reading, thought you'd like a puzzle

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          wanted to add 2 things, maybe it would be easier to buy a new hard drive? maybe I won't get that error if the hard drive doesnt have an OS.  Thoughts?


          Also- my motherboard has an 8 pin power connector (i think it had a little tab blocking the last 4?), and my power supply has 4 + 4. the 1st 4 matches perfect to the left side and the other 4 on my power supply "can" fit in the slots, they arent shaped the same tho as the sockets, but doesnt need to be forced in. (like the house shape holes can fit into the square holes) Not sure if that matters, or if i got a wrong power supply (i dont think so, its an ATX)