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    Intel DP67BG PCI card sil3124 problem



      I have problem with MB DP67BG and PCI RAID card based on SIL3124.

      In havy load by IO (multi theaded read) in OS FreeBSD 8.2 (latest stable) I get error while reading from HDD.


      Jun 25 14:49:49 server kernel: g_vfs_done():ada10[READ(offset=146058772480, length=131072)]error = 22
      Jun 25 14:49:49 server kernel: g_vfs_done():ada14[READ(offset=2735545434112, length=65536)]error = 22


      I'm trying both PCI slots, and have no difference.

      PCIe card SIL3132 work fine.

      On MB DP55WG I have no problem with this card.

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          Unfortunately it seems that this motherboard has SERIOUS compatibility problems with PCI cards. Many people (including myself) have problems with sound cards, that range from stutterings in sound to the card not working completely. I've seen complaints about other kinds of card too. P67 (and H67) chipsets don't have native support to PCI and this may be the cause of this problems. Motherboards from other manufacturers also are affected with such incompatibilities.


          I even think that PCI slots are on these motherboards just for marketing reasons, and there have been no serious efforts to make them work completely.


          I hope these problems may be addressed with BIOS updates, Intel and other manufacturers have already released such updates to various motherboards, dealing with specific PCI cards (for example TV tuners). However, there are no guarantees that our motherboards' PCI slots will be fully functional, no one at Intel has answered the previous questions (including mine) posted here about such problems.

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            FIXED PROBLEM I7 SANDY BRIDGE DP67BG I am running 2 delta 1010 recording 16 channels no pops or crackles gone.This is the card that fixes the problem. PCIe to PCI dual slot adapter card PCI express-in Add On Cards from Computer & Networking on Aliexpress.com